Add Intimate and Relaxed Characteristing to Your Wedding Dance by Learning Houston, TX Bachata Lessons

Bachata as Your First Wedding Dance

Sometimes, couples are neglecting their first wedding dance because they think that it is not that important. However, this is the part of the reception wherein most people are really looking forward for the couple to do. If you are not into dancing then you can always choose simpler type of dance for the reception.


If you don’t know what to pick then you might want to try bachata. Nowadays, most couples are trying out wedding Bachata dance lessons in Houston, TX in order to enhance their skills in terms of this dance genre.

If you don’t know yet, the origin of bachata is from Dominican Republic. This dance is popularized in rural neighbourhood. Latin dancers are seen to dance this type of genre in the recent years. Its influence is becoming popular in the United States as well.

What is the music used for bachata dance?

According to wedding dance instructors, bachata has the measurement of 4/4; the only different is its distinctive sound. Classic bachata is being danced slowly, romantically and sadly along with the guitar music. However, modern dance instructors have innovated the sound for this type of dance. You can actually dance it to electronic sounds and even the upbeat ones. The most common artists whose music is being used in bachata dance are Prince Royce, Aventura, Luis Varga and many more.

What are the steps common for Bachata?

Three steps and 1 tap are the basics of Bachata. The tap, which is side together side, is mixed with hop motion or lifting of the leg in order to create a more spice-up movement. Hip motion can be achieved by the dancers through bending of the knee. When dancing this type of genre, you have two options; you can either go with close embrace or open arms; it depends on your personal preference.

There are a number of dances that you can utilize for your first wedding dance like chacha, merengue and others. However, if you are looking for the type of dance that binge mostly on hip motion, bachata is the best option. Bachata is also popular for its relaxed nature, intimate and sensual. If you want to enrol in wedding Bachata dance lessons in Houston, TX, make sure to reserve slots ahead of the in the nearest dance studio.

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